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Michael Dove's Path


Michael's personal identity is deeply grounded in the African-American Prophetic Tradition.  Dove himself was mentored by Spiritual Elders of various peoples. His auspicious family lineage also confirms Dove's identity as a true modern heir to the ancient Griot oral tradition. All of this combined with a mythic personal life story, presents an invitation to deep transformation for those who meet him.

Michael Dove is a new kind of spiritual master for our unique times. Michael and his work has been called "a gift to the world". With Dove’s mentoring process your soul is empowered to remain in charge at all times. Dove was born with a connection to Spirit which was allowed to stay intact and he has carried it into adulthood as a guide for the soul. His parents nurtured and supported his spirituality and creativity, as did accomplished spiritual teachers who recognized his connection.

He fulfills the potential of his mystical lineage through his embodiment of the Great Prophetic African-American wisdom tradition. Dove has been associated with esoteric schools in Europe including experiences with Eastern European psychics. The International Community of African and Caribbean Healers (based out of London)recognize him as an Elder, and traditional Medicine People, especially of the Two-Spirit orientation, have stated their respect for his work.

Dove has dedicated his life to addressing the human condition and suffering as well as revealing, celebrating and uplifting the magnificence of the human soul. He has worked with the dying and those with life-threatening illnesses. He is a pioneer and innovator using multimedia to bring spiritual teaching to the world and mentoring apprentices around the world.


"One of our wisest living teachers"

Jane Ashe, Hospice Nurse, Manhattan, NYC






* First Public lecture in 1984 on Spiritual Creativity - Leucadia, CA


* Lived five years in spiritual community.


* Served six years with the Holistic Aids Response Program,     

  HARP as a practitioner and spiritual counselor  - San Diego, CA.


* Worked eight years as a psychic entertainer hired for corporate special events by Microsoft, Walt Disney Studios, Sony Corporation and numerous other companies.


* Created the spiritual print publication, “The Oceananda Report,” distributed internationally.


* 2000 - Successfully trained and organized a community of  healers to create the “Soul Clinic” a daylong experience of energy work and comprehensive spiritual healing.


* 2001 - Toured  and conducted  workshops in Europe on Spirituality and the Magic of Numbers as well as appearing on European television speaking on spiritual matters.


* 2002 - Developed the “Desert Awakening  Spiritual Retreat”.


* In 2003 - Created and hosted radio show " Air Humanity"    

  featuring a variety of spiritual topics and guests.


* For five years beginning in 2007 worked as a featured  

   Spiritual Intuitive practitioner at the legendary Controversial 

   Bookstore in San Diego, CA.



* 2009 - Produced and Starred in the feature length Teaching Video 

   DVD "The Four Great Truths".      


* 2010 - National and international multi-city tours of  

   workshops, seminars and lectures. Featuring (New York, Los 

   Angles and Toronto, Canada).


* In collaboration with Poet Jon Kingsmill, created the Modern

   Spiritual Masterwork ' Cafe at The Edge'.














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