The Renaissance Project


with Michael Dove



What is the Renaissance Project?

Renaissance definition: a new birth, the activity, or time of the great revival of art, literature, learning and spirit.

The Renaissance Project is a series of intensive spiritual workshops. These dynamic and inspiring  trainings are designed as a solid response to the challenge of surviving successfully in a society that has lost it's way, spiritually, morally, and culturally. As a participant in the Renaissance Project you will be equipped and trained to be the new leadership.

The main areas covered in this Renaissance Project are: 

•Collective Soul Retrieval  

•Becoming a Spiritual First Responder

•Learn Spiritual Healing and Self Care

•Learn skills for navigating new social reality to excel beyond all helplessness

The Renaissance Project is about activating your power and agency at a completely new level.


Who is this training for?

The Renaissance Project invites activists, educators, spiritual or religious leaders, non-profit leaders, grassroots organizations, artists, faith workers, social justice and community advocates, healing practitioners to join us during this potent time for change. The Renaissance Project is designed for those who are ready to move into and contribute to the new societal phase and excel in these new realities.

A Sacred Call To Action

We will  bring  together ancient shamanic techniques and principles to address the emerging distresses and potentialities transpiring now within our communities.

You will learn skills to renew our future and learn the art of  heart centered living and soul retrieval in this new time of enlightenment.

These skills include:

•Intuitive navigation

•Spiritual and social activism

•Psychic Self Defense

•Activating your agency well as the practical ways we can keep our soul’s integrity under any circumstance.


What to bring

•Comfortable loose fitting clothes

•A comfortable pillow if necessary

•Your own lunch and perhaps something to share

•An open, positive attitude

Some refreshments will be provided

Content of Renaissance Project

  • Teaching Discourse

  • Guided Meditation

  • Energetic Activations

  • Ritual Initiations

  • Individual Soul Messages

  • Questions and Answer

  • Healing Exercises and Techniques

  • Spiritual Leadership Guidance and Support


You will Gain

  • The ancient shamanic skills that have protected the survival of community and culture throughout history.

  • A capacity to engage the challenges of a dramatically changing world.

  • The leadership skills to address the distress of communities that are under threat and challenge.

  • The skills of emotional, spiritually, economical, cultural self care and care of others.

  • Your empowerment as an engaged player in the emerging birth of the new human possibilities.


The Policy of Comfort and Safety

This workshop is non-sectarian; it is not focused specifically on any particular religion or tradition. While there is a definite structure this experience, it is guided by the spiritual needs and aspirations of the participants.


This retreat is not academic in orientation nor just a "mental exercise.”  It is designed to allow your heart and soul to emerge powerfully and to create your path to fulfillment and agency.  In this way, we’ll nurture and activate that which allows us to thrive successfully in these new realities.


Michael Dove finds that being excessive or confrontational would compromise the experience of safety in a spiritual retreat.  This workshop is not about making anyone feel "wrong" or feel ashamed in any way.



$100.00 per participant

$175.00 per couple

Scholarships are available based on individual need.

Call: 619-735-5890   or   Email:  for more information and to Register for the Renaissance Project


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1537 Summerdawn Place

Encinitas, CA

Date and Time

Saturday, January 14, 2017


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM



About Michael Dove

Michael is a modern mystic who was born with a connection to spirit which was allowed to remain intact and which Michael has carried this into adulthood. He was nurtured and supported in his spirituality and creativity by his parents, as well as accomplished spiritual teachers who recognized his unique connection. Michael’s teachers taught him processes like soul retrieval, past life regression, shamanic dream work, ancestral and genetic karma clearing. It is a privilege for him to exemplify a truly authentic African American mystical and wisdom tradition. His experiences have led him to live in spiritual community for several years, conduct workshops nationally and internationally and lead wilderness experiences. He has utilized multi-media to engage as a spiritual teacher, worked with the dying and people living with life threatening illness for many years. Michael is recognized as an Elder by the International Community of African and Caribbean Healers based in London, England.  Michael continues to maintain an active practice as a spiritual guide while advising apprentices around the world. Several volumes of spiritual discourses by Michael will be published worldwide later this year.


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