Spiritual Guide Michael Dove and the Frequency healer Erin Eber present:

The First Meals on the Ganges Live Fundraiser,

Activating your Spiritual Activist.


When: February 22nd, 6:30 pm PST/9:30 pm EST


How we will serve you:

Life altering personalized messages and potent Frequency Sound activations. 

You will leave feeling uplifted and activated.


About this activation: To step into our empowered heart centered spiritual leadership roles, make a difference, and collectively manifest real change in the world.


About: When Michael Dove saw a need for support in his local community of Varanasi, India, he took action, working with a team of locals to carefully assess what would be of most service. 


From that, Meals on the Ganges was born. Feeding almost 500 a month, this grass roots program is so much more than meals. MOTG organizes and funds to bring together people of the community, to create jobs, empower, feed and support each other, and spread joy and care. 


And for so little, you can help keep this program running. 

The Website:


Base level: $35 - You have fed 20 people!

I want to do more...

Click here to make automatic monthly donations

$55 - You have fed 32 people!

$75 - You have fed 44 people!

$105 - You have fed 62 people! 

And of course… The You decide tier 

 (Whatever feels right in your heart)