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Teachings on the Ganges 


A. B. and C.

A powerful new vision of soulful liberation

with Michael Dove 

Teachings on the Ganges Mission

To raise the bar and reimagine what it means to be 'spiritual' and human. Teachings on the Ganges offers an expanded vision of soulful liberation. Broadcast directly  from the Holy Ganges (Ganga) river itself via the Zoom platform.

These teachings are presented in three broadcasts live from the river Ganges.

As well as three special experiential long distance energetic initiations and attunement activation workshops.

Six days in all.

You will experience the Holy Ganga river itself, address the needs of your very soul and engage your being on its most essential level. 

You will experience the profound renewal that you might have longed for your whole life.

The whole of Teachings on the Ganges is designed to be a true life changing experience. 

Teachings on the Ganges Vision

The Ganges or Ganga river is a spiritual vortex for all of humanity.

The vision for this teaching is

to activate and train spiritually empowered self realised individuals. As to activate within them. The will, vision and agency to heal our world during these challenging times and beyond. 

To allow high spiritual attunement be the accepted standard as our human expression. Also to create opportunities to re-humanize

For love, actualization and fulfilment is our birthright as human beings.


Package A

Broadcast Teachings on the Ganges

Package B

Workshop: Remote Shaktipat attunements and Activations

Package C

Combination of Packages

A and B

January 16, 2022

7:00 pm PST and 10:00 pm EST

Reconciling The Eternal

A workshop broadcast on Zoom live from our boat on the Ganges river.

We will use the Power of the Ganges as a catalyst to realise and amplify this profound teaching. 

This will be an introduction to naturally induced non-ordinary reality experience as a spiritual path.

You will learn to use the wonder of sacred space to fuel, activate and leverage your sacred quest. And make the truth of nature an ally in support of full self mastery and realisation.   

January 19, 2022


Initiation: Awakening of The Soul's Truth 


 In this workshop we will utilise long distance remote energetic processes known as Shaktipat. in order to activate soul memory of previous lifetimes and ancestor connection.

As well as activate the higher, more refined states of spiritual knowing. You will be remotely attuned to experiences of quantum acceleration of spiritual growth.   

6:00 pm PST and 9:00 pm EST

The Ganges teachings and the workshop of remote energetic work is intended to be complementary. The work of Package A and Package B creates an extraordinary synergy. This will allow a quantum acceleration in your spiritual attainment. 

I am presenting these Teachings and experiences in combination as a rare life changing opportunity.

January 23, 2022

7:00 pm PST and 10:00 pm EST

The Love Factor in Realization

We will engage the Ganges river as we float on to explore and reveal the deeper aspects of our sacred identity . We will learn to apply the deep truth of our design to experience fulfillment. To be truly met by the love of the supreme. We will explore how love desalves the trap of duality into transcendent oneness.

Here we learn of the purpose of our incarnation as to realize our unique path to fulfillment.  

January 30, 2022

7:00 pm PST and 10:00 pm EST

Mastering The Miracle Code

While being lovingly held by the Holy Ganges (Ganga), you will discover your deservedness of wonder.

You will learn to access your birthright to the fabled and miraculous. We will learn how to invoke the sacred voice, an intimate language of manifestation. To bring new realities into your life as a powerful co-creator. This teaching will allow us to live the life of grace for which so many long.   



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January 26, 2022

6:00 pm PST and 9:00 pm EST

Attunement to the Divine Romance

We will use the long distance energetic techniques to attune to a profound intimacy with the heart of the universe.

We will experience fulfillment that is direct and spontaneous. This workshop is designed to facilitate and amplify the grace, love and connection in your life.

A communion into wholeness is initiated through the Shaktipat experience.  

February 2, 2022

6:00 pm PST and 9:00 pm EST

Taking Charge Shifting Reality

There are frequencies associated with manifestation that radiate from the universal source. Many harbour blockages to these frequencies. We will engage in energetic work to dissolve inner obstacles to creative manifestation.

As well as amplify and bring to a sharp focus your ability to invoke creative affirmations. These affirmations may clear karma and change and accelerate trajectory the of your life.  




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