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Remote Energetic Work


Michael Dove


Remote Energetic Work or Shaktipat is a key part of long distance healing. 

This is the healing modality where energetic frequencies are channeled to you personally wherever you may be in the world. 

Shaktipat or Śaktipāta refers in Hinduism to the transmission of spiritual energy upon one person by another.


The Benefits of Remote Energetic Work include.


*An increase of Psychic Intuitive ability. 

*Support and activation of physical well being.

*Clearing negative emotional 'baggage' as well as ancestor issues. 

*Amplifying prosperity consciousness. 

*Healing relationship issues.

*Connecting to the inner guidance.

*Activating and enhancing the personal Psychic Immune System. 


Remote Energetic Work is a key aspect of the current experience of human evolution happening on our planet today. 

Just by engaging in a session you are participating in this evolutionary unfoldment. 


In this Remote Energetic Work I bring an intuitive analysis to enhance the precision and effectiveness of the remote energetic process. 

The healing process begins from the moment you say




Set up your Remote Energetic Session


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Remote Energetic Session

$100.00 per hour

Remote Energetic Practitioner Course


Become a Practitioner

You can become a Practitioner

In addition I am offering personal training for Remote Energetic Work. 

In this three week training, you will learn how to be a practitioner of the distant energy process. 

Under careful personal guidance, you will learn to facilitate Shaktipat remote energy for others. 

Despite the distance, it’s as if we are all in the same room, experiencing a profound transmission.

Michael is a true master!

Erin Eber  -  Frequency Healer

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