The Course


Self - Mastery

What is Self-Mastery?

This is your invitation to a higher octave of personal realization. 
This Course in Self-Mastery is designed to activate your true potential. In this course we will explore the edges of consciousness.
Michael Dove as facilitator will present weekly guided directions to the most profound states of realization that we can experience.
We shall explore how our growth to enlightenment is intimately facilitated by realities and human conditions on our planet.
One key goal of this course in Self-Mastery is to have our spirituality become an absolutely consequential force of good in the world.

Why is this Course Different?

1. What makes this Course in Self-Mastery special is that it recognises that mastery is different for each individual.

2. The participants are especially invited to be involved with the teaching, based on their spiritual readiness. 

3. Sacred Space is carefully maintained in this course experience. 

4. Emphasis on developing tools and the traction to engage effectively in a transforming world. 


6:00 pm PST


9:00 pm EST

$20.00 per Class


October 19, 2022

The Divine Sovern

October 26, 2022

The Risk at the Heart of Spiritual Mastery

November 2, 2022

Spiritual Function of Your Wholeness 

November 9, 2022

Breaking Through Beyond Limits 

November 16, 2022

Of Truth and The Sacred Gates  

$60.00 Monthly