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"He is a true genius! Michael Dove has been a guiding light in my life offering a safe container for deep personal soul work. Michael is a truth teller fully integrated in cosmology and epistemology and gifted in raising divine awareness. With a deep inner voice he carries perfect pitch in his desire to awaken the remembrance of love’s eternal presence."



Marie Doren

Oshun Pura Skincare            




“I have met Michael, his energy looms large with his compassionate nature.

He is a master incarnate sharing with the World his gift.”


 Deshanta Atman, Southern California Healer





"He is a truth teller with a talent that lets him see
into and beyond the trance we all live in."


Rosiland Kingsmill

"Michael Dove is a gift. He's an innovative master of energy work. Dove's conceptual grasp and explanations are quite profound. his energy work is palpable, stimulating concrete impressions and awareness. He has an astonishing flexibility. Dove is a capable spiritual architect and carpenter of the loving world we all long for.”

Dr. Jesse Mills



"When I'm with him I feel , recalibrated and I recognize there is a transmission far deeper than the wisdom that he speaks that invokes a connection to my deeper Self."


Rick Pathman



" Michael Dove - A Dear Brother and Colleague who, standing on my shoulders will see the promised land I only sensed was there,

Love, Harry Hay, April 1991"


Harry Hay

Founding Father of the Modern Gay Movement


"Michael Dove is a profound guardian of ever-expanding truth.

He is a master of life as a nuanced relationship between heart and mind.

He never ceases to illuminate the dark labyrinths of human sorrow, angst, grief, anger and despair. Whatever condition you are in, Michael holds an encompassing heart informed clarity to which he gives precise articulation.

I’ve experienced him quell many burning questions, issues, fears in myself and others.

He is a living testament to the possibilities we all hold in claiming our soul as Human Beings in this world, at this time."

                                                            -  Jenny Eda Schipper  - writer, healer, teacher




"Michael Dove is the most gifted intuitive I have worked with. He is sensitive, funny, intelligent and greatly helpful with life matters. He is honest and trustworthy. I recommend him to all my friends."


Connie Messina                     




"Michael Dove recently presented his wisdom and heart at our Center for Spiritual Living in Redding, California.  His message was warmly received by our community.  I personally appreciated being led into meditation following his lead into a journey that echoed the call of the crystal bowl.  His presentation was genuine and heart centered encouraging us all to relax into trusting the call of our soul.  Many were awakened to a new understanding of their direction on the spiritual path."


Rev. Sue MillerBorn,

Center for Spiritual Living, Redding,California





"Working with Michael brings you to a new level of thinking,  perceiving and moving through ones world. The new levels of understanding I have begun to discern, the increased in intuition and knowing, and increased  ease of joyfully and powerfully operating in my world has resulted from the dialogue process. The process is empowering and builds with each discussion.

Michael meets you where you are at and the conversations lead to new discoveries and dimensions of understanding and living more powerfully and fully."


JulieAnn Engel

Founder and CEO

Organic Defence, inc.    



"Michael Dove has sincerely and drastically changed my life for the better with his powerful and articulate methods of bringing spirituality to a level that is very accessible. Simply put, I don't know where I would be without him!"


Philip Mayhew



"Michael demonstrates Loving-Kindness and Compassion daily, in all his words and actions.

  He is dedicated to awakening our Collective Crystalline Consciousness.

 By shining his own Heart-light with a such strength and clarity, he serves as a tuning fork

 for all around him.

 Every encounter with Michael leaves one more centered, more inspired, and more loving."





"Michael Dove has helped me so much in my life, more than I ever could have imagined! He appeared in my life like a divine dove at just the perfect time as I was beginning my interest in the spiritual path. His friendship and soul guidance for over 20 years, have continued to guide me back to my true soul purpose. He helps me stay or get back on track as I've veered off time and time again. I now look at life in a completely different way than before I met Michael Dove.

Michael can look at a situation with more of an omniscient eye, and can help you set your sights on your own divine skills and powers. He helps to make sense out of the seemingly unknowable and is very skilled at unwinding energetic knots therefore making one feel better and see situations more clearly for themselves.

I have seen Michael help many people in these ways and more. His intelligence combined with a very developed intuition help him to articulate information that most would find difficult to translate into words. Michael's presence in my life has and continues to be a great blessing that I am truly grateful for."


Bradley J. Smith













"Imagine spending the night in the Anzo-Borrego desert surrounded by deafening silence, a vast sky bursting with countless shooting stars and moonlight on the sand.  Then picture being gently guided to a place of inner quiet in preparation for sleep. Then, awakened every two hours and safely lead down a dark, mysterious path.  Each time to be greeted in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night by a startling, striking beautifully lit stage.
Consider, during the course of one evening stepping into a new environment every two hours, at different parts of the desert having radically different experiences while befriending the sacred, visiting my ancestors and for the first time, truly acknowledging my impermanence on earth.
I thank Michael Dove, one of our wisest living teachers who is a constant source of strength and comfort for me as I journey toward wholeness."


 Jane Ashe, Hospice Nurse, Manhattan, NYC

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