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The Deep Soul Work Apprentice Program with Michael Dove: A Journey to Self-Mastery

In the relentless pursuit of success, the modern achiever often encounters a profound yearning—a quest for deeper meaning and spiritual fulfillment that material accomplishments alone cannot satisfy. Enter the Deep Soul Work Apprentice Program with Michael Dove, a sanctuary for the successful and the seekers, a transformative passage designed for those who stand at the crossroads of deep questions and the desire for spiritual growth.

Your Quest for Enlightenment 

For the accomplished individual, life is a tapestry of achievements. Yet, beneath the surface of these triumphs lies an ocean of unanswered questions and unexplored spiritual depths. The Deep Soul Work Apprentice Program is the vessel that navigates these waters, offering guidance towards the shores of enlightenment and self-discovery.

The Essence of the Program

At the heart of the program lies a curriculum meticulously crafted by Michael Dove, a luminary in the realm of spiritual enlightenment. The six-month journey is an odyssey through various modalities of Spiritual Awakening, Meditation Techniques, Mindfulness Practices, and Energy Healing. It is an invitation to embrace Conscious Living, participate in Workshops, receive Transformational Coaching, and walk the Enlightenment Pathways.

The Alchemy of Transformation

The program is not merely an educational endeavor; it is an alchemical process that transmutes the lead of unanswered questions into the gold of wisdom. Through Soul Work, Wisdom Teaching, and Deep Soul Healing, participants engage in a Spiritual Transformation Journey that promises Inner Peace and Soulful Meditation Retreats.

The Value of Commitment

A six-month commitment to the Deep Soul Work Apprentice Program is a pledge to oneself—a vow to embark on a journey of Authentic Self Discovery. It is an investment in Spiritual Growth Programs and Soul Connection Practices that yield dividends of Mindfulness for Inner Harmony and Chakra Balancing Techniques.

The Imperative in Today’s World

In an era rife with uncertainty, the need for an anchor in the form of a spiritual apprentice program has never been more pressing. It is a beacon for those navigating the tumultuous seas of modern life, offering Enlightenment Coaching and a community of like-minded individuals committed to Conscious Living.

The Harvest of the Soul

Participants emerge from the program not just enlightened but transformed. They carry with them the tools of Transformational Coaching, the serenity of Inner Peace Workshops, and the clarity of Enlightenment Pathways. They become beacons themselves, illuminating the path for others on their spiritual quests.

An Invitation to the Seekers

To the successful and the accomplished, to those who hear the whisper of deeper questions amidst the clamor of worldly achievements, the Deep Soul Work Apprentice Program with Michael Dove is your calling. It is more than a program—it is a homecoming to your truest self.

Embark on this journey of self-mastery and spiritual discovery. The Deep Soul Work Apprentice Program awaits to guide you through the labyrinth of the soul to the pinnacle of inner peace and enlightenment. Are you ready to answer the call?




Program Outline




The Deep Soul Work Apprentice Program with Michael Dove is a comprehensive journey designed to facilitate profound spiritual awakening and personal transformation. Here’s an outline of the program:

Deep Soul Work Apprentice Program Overview

Duration: 6 Months
Key Components:

  • Spiritual Awakening: Unlocking the deeper layers of consciousness.

  • Meditation Techniques: Cultivating a practice for clarity and focus.

  • Mindfulness Practices: Living in the present moment to enhance well-being.

  • Energy Healing: Harmonizing the body’s energy fields.

  • Conscious Living: Making intentional choices for a fulfilling life.

  • Transformational Coaching: Personalized guidance on the path to enlightenment.

  • Enlightenment Pathways: Exploring various routes to spiritual understanding.

  • Soul Work: Engaging in practices that nourish the soul.

  • Wisdom Teaching & Deep Soul Healing: Learning from ancient and modern sages.

  • Spiritual Transformation Journey: Embarking on a quest for self-realization.

  • Inner Peace Workshops: Techniques for cultivating serenity.

  • Soulful Meditation Retreats: Immersive experiences in tranquil settings.

  • Enlightenment Coaching: Expert advice on navigating the spiritual path.

  • Spiritual Growth Programs: Structured courses for continuous development.

  • Soul Connection Practices: Exercises to deepen the bond with one’s essence.

  • Mindfulness for Inner Harmony: Strategies to achieve mental balance.

  • Chakra Balancing Techniques: Aligning the seven energy centers for optimal health.

  • Authentic Self Discovery: Unveiling the true self beyond societal masks.

Value and Benefits

Participants in the Deep Soul Work Apprentice Program will experience:

  • Enhanced Self-Awareness: Discovering the authentic self and its potential.

  • Emotional Healing: Overcoming past traumas and embracing emotional freedom.

  • Improved Mental Clarity: Gaining insight into personal patterns and behaviors..

  • Spiritual Fulfillment: Feeling connected to a higher purpose and the universe.

  • Community and Support: Joining a network of like-minded individuals on similar paths.

Importance in Today’s World

In a time of global uncertainty and rapid change, the spiritual apprentice program serves as a beacon of hope and stability. It addresses the need for:

  • Inner Peace: Amidst chaos, finding tranquility within is essential.

  • Resilience: Building strength to navigate life’s challenges.

  • Compassion: Cultivating empathy towards oneself and others.

  • Global Consciousness: Recognizing our interconnectedness and responsibility.

Personal and Spiritual Growth

Committing to a 6-month package with the Deep Soul Work Apprentice Program promises:

  • Profound Transformation: A shift in perspective leading to a more meaningful life.

  • Continuous Learning: Ongoing development through wisdom teachings and coaching.

  • Deeper Connections: Forming bonds with oneself, others, and the environment.

  • Empowerment: Gaining tools and techniques to become a creator of one’s reality.

This program is not just an educational course; it’s a transformative experience that aligns participants with their highest selves and equips them with the knowledge and skills for a spiritually enriched life.




This apprentice program is not intended to replace any medical, psychological or other therapies or treatments. or to diagnose any conditions or ailments. Only people over the age of 18 will be accepted as apprentices.





"When I embarked on my apprenticeship journey with Michael I had an idea of what it might look like, but I had no clue on how it would unfold.
What I got was a library of spiritual knowledge and experience shared with me. Shared in a compassionate, patient way. He walked with me for years, like a father would to a child, indulging in my questions in simple yet profound ways and/or gracefully steering me to answers I could uncover for myself.
Perhaps the most important lesson I learned was trust. Michael leads by example, and what he proved to me is that paying attention, and in trusting yourself and the universe, will lead to your truest state and highest potential.
It was an honor and a privilege to have a teacher like Michael Dove."


Cody Ellis


"When I am with him I feel recalibrated and I recognise a wisdom far deeper than the wisdom that he speaks that invokes a connection to my deeper self."


Rick Pathman


"Michael Dove is a profound guardian of ever-expanding truth.

He is a master of life as a nuanced relationship between heart and mind.

He never ceases to illuminate the dark labyrinths of human sorrow, angst, grief, anger and despair. Whatever condition you are in, Michael holds an encompassing heart informed clarity to which he gives precise articulation.

I’ve experienced him quell many burning questions, issues, fears in myself and others.

He is a living testament to the possibilities we all hold in claiming our soul as Human Beings in this world, at this time."



Jenny Eda Schipper  - writer, healer, teacher

How to take the next step


To begin the Spiritual apprentice Program, Please write a letter of Intent and you specific goals. Please include a brief account of your spiritual history. Include a statement about what you feel your spiritual gifts are, or what gifts you believe can be developed. email your letter of intent to


What You Will Gain


In the Spiritual Apprentice Program, you will gain a foundation on which advanced spiritual attainment maybe built. This includes but is not limited to:


*The ability to spiritually heal

*Psychic perception

*Facilitation of soul level diagnostics

*Ability to spiritually guide and teach others

*The strength to achieve goals


*Performing energy work and clearing karma

*You will learn the specifics of energetic anatomy

*Techniques of intuitive activation

*Classical shamanic practice

*Soul retrieval

*Dream work

*Soul navigation


Benefits of Spiritual Apprenticeship


Greater Psychic connection

Personal spiritual guidance for advanced spiritual growth

Access to a community of apprentices

90 minuet individual weekly sessions

Access to special events (online webinars, spiritual retreats, master classes)

Practitioner support

Actualization of your life purpose

Being a part of the History of Consciousness


Program Cost


Each six month commitment is $470.00 per month, $2,820.00 total. Scholarships are available to exceptional students taking into account individual circumstances. Payments may be made monthly or every six months.  




This apprentice program is not intended to replace any medical, psychological or other therapies or treatments. or to diagnose any conditions or ailments. Only people over the age of 18 will be accepted as apprentices.


Apprentice monthly fee

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Apprintice six month fee

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