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The Apprentice


This Spiritual Apprentice program answers your heart's desire to step into its highest expression. Michael Dove serves as a guide and support to for your unique spiritual goals and aspirations. The program was designed to nurture your gifts and growth through specific training and individualized instruction. Classical shamanic technique and universal teaching modalities shall be utilized. This will facilitate a dynamic, conscious presents which has been described as self-realization, spiritual illumination and self mastery.


The Spiritual Apprentice Program was created to unlock your answer to the questions of the human condition and the complexities of existence. It provides tools to bring forth your own powerful emergence.


As you proceed through the Spiritual Apprentice Program, you will meet in person with Michael Dove in group and individual sessions, online via Skype and email, and by telephone. The group sessions will take place quarterly.




The intent of this program is to support the active presence of those who facilitate transformation in the world.


The Program


The Spiritual Apprentice Program consists of a six-month commitment. We will be using discourse as the primary means of teaching. It will draw from classical shamanic processes such as soul retrieval, energetic work, spiritual diagnostics, past life regression, dream work, meditation, and psychic / intuitive awareness as the vehicle for your realization. The program includes individualized assignments, readings and specific activities designed to accelerate your practice.


In this program, Michael Dove is a supportive guide in service as an instrument of the process of introducing you to your unique divinity. His gift is to create an optimal, safe and fertile environment for your soul's realization. you will discover your own unique route to fulfillment and you will become the proactive agent in all of your experience.


How to take the next step


to begin the Spiritual apprentice Program, Please write a etter of Intent and you specific goals. Please include a brief account of your spiritual history. Include a statement about what you feel your spiritual gifts are, or what gifts you believe can be developed. email your letter of intent to


What You Will Gain


In the Spiritual Apprentice Program, you will gain a foundation on which advanced spiritual attainment maybe built. This includes but is not limited to:


*The ability to spiritually heal

*Psychic perception

*Facilitation of soul level diagnostics

*Ability to spiritually guide and teach others

*The strength to achieve goals


*Performing energy work and clearing karma

*You will learn the specifics of energetic anatomy

*Techniques of intuitive activation

*Classical shamanic practice

*Soul retrieval

*Dream work

*Soul navigation


Benefits of Spiritual Apprenticeship


Greater Psychic connection

Personal spiritual guidance for advanced spiritual growth

Access to a community of apprentices

90 minuet individual weekly sessions

Access to special events (online webinars, spiritual retreats, master classes)

Practitioner support

Actualization of your life purpose

Being a part of the History of Consciousness


Program Cost


Each six month commitment is $275.00 per month, $1,650.00 total. Scholarships are available to exceptional students taking into account individual circumstances. Payments may be made monthly or every six months.  




This apprentice program is not intended to replace any medical, psychological or other therapies or treatments. or to diagnose any conditions or ailments. Only people over the age of 18 will be accepted as apprentices.


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Apprentice monthly fee

Apprintice six month fee

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