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The Mitote Experience


Michael Dove

The Mitote Process

The fundamentals of this Mitote ritual process is drawn from Toltec Dream work.

It contains guided imagery, Shakti pat, remote energy work, Sound, color, toning, and much more.  

The Mitote experience is skillfully brought to you via this online ritual gathering.


The process activates perceptions of other dimensions of non-ordinary reality including the lucid dream state.


The Realization and growth as a result of a Mitote Experience can be profoundly life changing.

The Mitote Experience is a ritual journey into non-ordinary reality.

You will be guided into the profound visionary states of consciousness. This four hour online experience explores the same vivid states induced by plant medicines. Except, no plant medicines of substances are used. These powerful states are achieved naturally. 

About the Mitote

Michael Dove has been guiding people through the Mitote experience for the last twenty years.

He has presented this spiritual ritual experience in many natural and urban environments.

The Mitote in Cyberspace is a powerful innovation and expansion to this sacred work. 


This Mitote Event will take place on the YouTube LIVE platform

February 26, 2022

5:00 pm PST and 8:00 pm EST

The fee for early registration is $75.00 until February 21, 2022

Then the fee will be $100.00 until the 26th of February.

Registration fee $100.00

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