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Generational Trauma


Ancestral Karma



Monday and Tuesday 

July 8-9

6:00 pm PST


9:00 pm EST

on the Zoom platform


The suggested donation is $50 

for both Evenings

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About this 

  • Interactive: Live sessions with Q&A opportunities to engage participants in real-time discussions.

  • Digital Workbook: A downloadable workbook with exercises, journal prompts, and reflective questions to guide participants through the workshop.

  • Healing Rituals: Step-by-step guides for personal or group rituals aimed at releasing generational burdens.

  • Discussion Forums: Online platforms for participants to share experiences and support each other throughout the workshop.

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Please note: That Michael Dove, while a respected guide in spiritual and traditional wisdom, is not a licensed psychologist or therapist. The teachings and techniques used in the Generational Trauma and Ancestral Healing workshop are based on classical shamanic practices and are intended for personal growth and self-awareness. This workshop is not a substitute for professional psychological counseling or therapy. Participants are encouraged to seek professional advice for any mental health concerns.

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