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Stepping into
Quantum Wholeness


Erin Eber


Michael Dove


Quantum Wholeness is a new model of Enlightenment and Health. 


*Remote Energetics 

*Guided Imagery


The time is now for us to actively live in our potential.


What is Quantum Wholeness?

It is the practical way of living beyond the limits of duality. Quantum Wholeness is the fabled state that is our birthright. We will learn practical ways to live as integrated beings. And to operate in full expression of our empathic nature.

You will experience and learn the quantum science behind the blessing of wholeness. 

May 21, 2022

6:30 pm PST


9:30 pm EST

On the Zoom platform

Suggested cost $55.00 

Scholarships available as needed.  

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Quantum Wholeness Videos

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