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Support Guide for the Clearing Generational Trauma and Ancestral Karma

  1. Tarpanam Ritual:

    • This Ayurvedic practice involves offering water to ancestors to clear karmic burdens. It's recommended to do this frequently, especially around anniversaries or birthdays.

    • Family Puja or Altar:

    • Create a sacred space with photos of ancestors (up to seven generations back), along with candles, incense, and flowers. 

    • This helps with communicating and clearing inherited ancestral patterns.

  2. Mindfulness and Self-Inquiry:

    • Engage in practices that promote self-awareness and forgiveness. 

    •   This can help break patterns of behavior and become the "Golden Link"  in healing generational trauma.

  3. Healing Conversations:

    • Visualize a family member who has passed away and have an imaginary conversation with them.

    • Acknowledge their pain and express your feelings to release their burden 

  4. Ancestral Healing Affirmations:

    • Use affirmations to release burdens and embrace healing.

    • For Example ,"I release the burdens passed down through generations and embrace healing"  can be a powerful statement to affirm daily.

  5. Focus on Well-being:

    • Practice self-care, set boundaries, and seek support when needed. 

    •  By focusing on your own well being you can create a positive future for yourself  and future generations.

Remember, the intention behind these rituals is as important as the actions themselves. Approach them with respect, openness, and a desire for healing.


Ways of Connecting with Ancestors,

  1. Daily Prayer and Meditation:

  2. Creation of Art, Music, and Food:

  3. Ceremonial Practices:

  4. Ancestral Altars:

  5. Silent Meditation:

  6. Cooking Traditional Dishes:

These practices are deeply personal and can be adapted to fit individual beliefs and traditions. The key is to approach them with respect and a genuine desire for healing and connection.


Clearing negativity from one's lineage.


  1. Ancestral Lineage Healing:

  2. Meditation and Visualization:

  3. Affirmations:

  4. Nature Connection:

  5. Journaling:

  6. Rituals and Offerings:

Remember, the intention behind these practices is crucial. Approach them with a sincere heart and an open mind for the best results.

For additional help ad support in Clearing of Ancestral and Generational issues. You may contact me at:

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