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Feel the touch...!

INTRODUCING... Maximum Empowerment Radio.

Hosted by Michael Dove

Radio that attunes your life with words that will reach your soul.

This is radio which nurtures the peak expression of your truth.


DOVE RADIO will present concepts in:



 Energy work


Cutting Edge Consciousness

  Spiritual Growth and Adventure


Together we will learn of Love, Meditation Psychic Development, Intuitive Healing and Spirit.

All this will support your highest attainment as we achieve grounded living in this energetic universe.

Dove Radio is talk with heart and meaning by the new leaders in conscious living.


























































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Upcoming Broadcasts


August 28, 2015

12:00 PST


Brian Babb


"Write with your eyes like painters, with your ears like musicians, with your feet like dancers.  You are the truthsayer with quill and torch. Write with your tongues on fire."  - Gloria Anzaldua


"The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life."  - Jane Addams


"Never question what I am God knows/Cause it's coming from the heart"  - Chuck D


    Shaman and dear friend to Brian, Michael Dove discusses that which is "sacred" as being that which is essential to life.  Essential to the vitality of Brian's life are the sources, essences, and forces of love, empathy, compassion, and liberation.  It is this dynamic sacredness that impels Brian personally and professionally.  

    Brian is a poet, spoken word artist, and emcee from San Diego, CA.  He engages his artistry with a determination to interrelate and transform the human and divine, sorrow and joy, hurt and healing, and oppression and freedom.  Brian composes, records, and performs his artistry with the urgency of attending to an abandoned child's adoption, an institution's practice of discrimination and brutality, and our Mother Earth's rising temperatures.  In witnessing his artistry, audiences experience the texture of beckoning and forging self love, the Beloved Community, and communion with Source.  For more than a decade Brian has performed on stages throughout the country at countless open mics, poetry slams, schools, colleges and universities, music festivals, and neighborhood and community events.

    Impassioned to globally realize equality and justice for all, Brian is also an activist.  Brian participates in movement work that assembles to oppose systemic discrimination, racism and institutional racism, the exclusionary and exploitative nature of capitalism, and modern versions of imperialism.  He has long joined others in mind, voice, fist, body, and spirit to advocate for and demand that the human rights and dignity of all peoples be recognized and systemically protected.  Brian roots his activism in the ideologies and works of James and Grace Lee Boggs, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Assata Shakur, Audre Lorde, Bob Moses, Ella Baker, Mumia Abu Jamal, John Trudell, and Alice Walker.       

    In 2009, Brian received his master's degree in social work as a Child Welfare Fellow from the University of Michigan School of Social Work (Ann Arbor).  As a social worker, he efforts to work alongside individuals, groups, families, and communities to helping, healing, and empowering capacities.  He assumes partnering engagement with clients, colleagues, and communities in a collaborative process to holistically access and experience safety, wellness, security, and self, familial, and collective determination.  Brian contributes his helping capacity to individuals, groups, families, and communities impacted by poverty, homelessness, maltreatment, domestic and community violence, trauma, mental illness, involvement with the child welfare system, involvement with the juvenile detention and criminal justice systems, and involvement with special education.

    Brian's identities as a social worker, activist, and artist come out of his identity as a person of religion and spirit.  He ventures into religion and spirituality with a regarding honor for all of the world's religious, spiritual, and wisdom traditions.  Brian finds inspiration from the southern Baptist tradition of Christianity, the Augustinian, Jesuit, and Franciscan traditions of Catholicism, Buddhism and Thich Naht Hanh, Sufism and Shamsuddin Muhammad, Native American spirituality and religion, and indigenous African spirituality and religion.  Brian is indebted to Source, ancestors, angels, family, and friends for having been graced with an ever curious, reverent, ecstatic, and unifying relationship with religion and spirituality.  He takes great joy and transformation in enacting religion and spirituality within community, within family, and within his own practice.  Sharing in religion and spirituality with others is of foundational and sacred significance to him.         







The Day of the Dead, Mitote - Discussion with Michael Dove and Phil Mayhew





Michael Dove

Saturday  October 31st   - Sunday November 1nd


The Anza Borrego Desert

East San Diego County

Experience this extraordinary journey into non-ordinary reality. Together we step into the dream state. Using the natural setting of the desert.

Michael Dove skillfully facilitates a stunning visionary experience. The Mitote is a profound adventure that restructures core reality. We step into the heightened states, by bringing light into the shadows for full illumination and lucid dreaming. You will witness the convergence of ceremony, theater and energetic healing.

his over-night experience is a powerful encounter with your soul.

These shamanic states are achieved naturally without the use of hallucinogens.


This Mitote experience Is a profound shamanic challenge in the desert. It is designed to facilitate foundational shifts in one's life. The effect and reverberations of the Mitote are usually felt even weeks after the Mitote event.


If you feel the calling in your soul to know the Mitote experience; I invite you to be with us on This Dia De los Muertos

(Day Of The Dead)


We begin Saturday, October 31st at 4:00pm

and end at 10:00 am Sunday, November 1st.

Click here order tickets for the Mitote on line.





July 24, 2015

3;30 pm PST




Interview with Bradley J. Smith Bradley J. Smith is a Solo Musician, Recording Artist, and Live Performer for the new age. In the midst of his live performances, he plays acoustic/electric guitar colored with sounds created naturally and enhanced with digital effects. Vocal stylings, crystal singing bowls and native whistling flutes also add to the experience. In the recording studio where he spends much of his time, Bradley plays and orchestrates many more instruments that the music itself calls for such as; guitar,bass, drums,percussion,native flutes,crystal bowls,vocals, and sometimes keyboards. These can be heard on his first CD, Root Chakra and on his upcoming CD, Sacral Chakra. Theme: Music for the chakras, a healing musical journey through the chakras. Bradley's music can be described as Soul Adventuring. He is creating a sacred musical space for healing mind body and soul by creating musical soundscapes, textures and healing vibrations. Soul Healing music, comes from the soul to help awaken the senses of relaxation,joy, healing,inspiration and peace. As he forges his own creative path of original music Bradley's music is Graced, influenced and infused with energies of many masters such as; Jerry Garcia, Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Hedges, George Harrison and Paramahansa Yogananda. Many have responded that they feel, recognize and honor many subtle influences such as these and more within the context of Bradley's unique original sound. Music for the Chakras: Bradley's music is energy conducted to attune the chakras, awaken the senses and encourage the soul to shine.


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