WHO Is Michael Dove?

 Michael Dove has dedicated his life to addressing the human condition and suffering as well as revealing, celebrating and uplifting the magnificence of the human soul.   People of various cultures and seekers from around the world have responded to the work of Michael Dove. Michael Dove is a universally recognized guide and interpreter of soul level truth. He has an ability to orient anyone on their spiritual journey from wherever they may be in their spiritual understanding.

 Michael's personal identity is deeply grounded in the African-American Prophetic Tradition.  Dove himself was mentored by Spiritual Elders of various peoples. His auspicious family lineage also confirms Dove's identity as a true modern heir to the ancient Griot oral tradition. All of this combined with a mythic personal life story, presents an invitation to deep transformation for those who meet him.




Modern Mystic


Master of Consciousness


Guide to the Soul






Professional spiritual teacher

Many who have met Michael Dove encounter their unique crystalline light spontaneously  emerge from the center of their being. 





He is a truth teller with a talent that lets him see
into and beyond the trance we all live in.


Rosiland Kingsmill




I wish to express my sincerest gratitude for all the loving help and support I have received from all of you. Thus making  this spiritual service possible.

Michael Dove

If I can serve you in any way on your journey or you would like to book a consultation please email:



for There is ONENESS.